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VFTI: Ethan X. Parker

13"x13" digital print


image by Ethan X. Parker


In continuation and in partnership with Mariposas Sin Fronteras, End Family Detention, and 14 additional distinct artists from across the country, we at CultureStrike are honored to bring forth the second installation of "Visions From The Inside", a visual art project inspired by letters penned by detained migrants. 


This piece is by artist Ethan X. Parker. Click HERE to see more info on the image and to read excerpt from letter. 

By visually illustrating these letters, we aim to bring awareness and a better sense of the realities that people are experiencing inside of for-profit detention facilities, what led them to migrate to the United States, and most importantly, to highlight the resiliency of the migrant spirit.


Please visit "Visions From The Inside" for more information and to view all images from this series.


ONE THIRD of all the proceeds from the sales of these pieces will go directly to the women who lent their voices via their handwritten letters that led to creation of these art pieces (and with the help of CARA: Family Detention Pro Bono Projecta volunteer based organization that dedicates its efforts to helping detained migrants out of detention) and ONE THIRD will go to EndFamilyDetention.com (an online database/network built by families, volunteers, pro bono attorneys, social justice organizers, and digital activists to raise awareness of the realities of immigrant detention prisons and to push for the end of family detention).

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