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Special Print: Emory Douglass CTB

13x27.5 inches

Digital Print



Originally handcarved by Emory Douglas on a large 3'x7' wooden block, this print is the digital version scaled down to 13"x27.5" inches. Tough and powerful. 


Click HERE to see larger image of piece.


Artist statement: "The FLAME for JUSTICE is a basic visual graphic effort in hope of inspiring and brings attention to the social meaning of what the word Justice represents in the ongoing struggle for basic human rights against all forms of unjust laws. The determination expressed in the graphic is an effort to reflect the oneness against all forms of unjust laws."


About the artist:



Emory Douglas created the visual identity for the Black Panther Party and his iconic images came to symbolize the struggles of the movement. As Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party from 1967 until the 1980s, Douglas’s work, described as ‘Militant Chic’, featured in most issues of the newspaper The Black Panther. His work is characterized by strong graphic images of young African Americans men, women and children. He used the newspaper’s popularity to spur people to action, portraying the poor with empathy and as being unapologetic and ready for a fight.

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