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WATS: Micah Bazant

12x18 digital print

image by Micah Bazant in collaboration with The Indigenous Environmental Network


Artist Statement: "I made this piece after hearing Kandi Mosset talk about how fracking has effected her community in North Dakota (bit.ly/1RCIiM5) and how women especially are fighting the violence from this industry. When I hear Indigenous people speak on violence against the earth, what always strikes me is the sense of the Earth as a living being, and a deep grief and rage when she is violated. 'Climate change' is part of 500+ years of genocide and theft from Indigenous people, and this piece tries to express that long lineage of resistance, and the presence of ancestors supporting today's climate warriors."


Micah is a visual artist and graphic designer who works with social justice movements to make change look irresistible. Micah creates art inspired by struggles to decolonize ourselves from white supremacy, patriarchy, and the gender binary, and to re-imagine ourselves in right relation to the planet in the face of catastrophic climate change.

The Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), established within the United States in 1990, and based in Bemidji, MN, works to build the capacity of Indigenous communities and tribal governments to protect sacred sites, land, water, and air, while improving the health of people and of all living things and building economically sustainable communities.

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Model: 12"x18" print
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